Restricted Reflections | Reflective Restrictions


Sitting in the deep, emerald green bath of my relatively, newfound, iso-partner’s home, I found solace, comfort. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt a sense of freedom wading in bodies of water; a weightlessness.


Over the duration of Melbourne’s strict lockdown laws I found myself spending a lot of time inside my head, drifting, dissociating, dreaming. We’d often attempt to wade together, our two long-limbed bodies chaotically contorted, yet still, connected.


There’s something so intimate about bathing with someone else, or sharing that closeness with someone.


Sharing your safe space.


Isolation helped me reflect on what spaces I found to be the most soothing, where I felt I was most comfortable. It helped me open up, helped me listen to those near to me. My friends, family, our needs and wants.


Milo was one of the first friends I photographed again after lockdown and she let me in to her safe space, and I am grateful. These images; of my partner Mungo, my friend Milo and myself - my entire body of work - is about creating and sharing safe spaces for my extended queer family when we need them and for when we need to share them - and of course for those looking in who may not have access to an extended queer family. My work is for them, my work is for whomever may need a safe space to drift, to dream, to feel connected, to feel safe.